Sunday, April 27, 2014

The World is Too Small

The World is Too Small to make grave mistakes. Or perhaps these are false thoughts which purpose serves only to entrap one within a specific train of thought, never breaking free and really living.

Why is it that we are often posed with questions that seem much larger than we can handle? Decisions that affect not only us but those around us. Others to consider even though you may have never met them but you know a choice you make could deliberately affect and impact them greatly.

Why why why do we have to ensure pain and within that, confusion?

Of course, the universe has other plans and we are not the centre but sometimes, it seems too daunting a task to make the selfish choice, all in the name of experience, self-edification and non-everlasting youth.

I suppose in the end, in the name of growth, that's all we can do and have to do.

Pain is afterall, temporal but education is forever.