Thursday, September 8, 2016

Reminder: Don't Waste Precious Time

Get up, get dress, and show up on time.
Do this for yourself.
The window is small, seize it or lose is.
Only you can choose what you can achieve.
Push through and keep reaching for it.
Lest, you'd be fine with watching your goals slip away.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Everyday Quotes

"Go deep and it will serve you when you make your choices about where you want to leave your mark." - Samantha Power

Monday, June 20, 2016

Yesterday was Father's Day

And we had a splendid lunch with the family. It was a small gathering as most of the family were unable to attend but despite the lower turn out, it was just as special and maybe more.

It came as a realization that every year this day comes and goes, as does Mother's Day, Parent's Day and all the other days that seem to have a higher significance than ordinary days.

Truth is, these days are not more special, they're only made to seem so - to play into capitalism, to play into the need to display appreciation more outwardly, more generously and so on.

This shouldn't be the case and it really isn't. What makes those morning dim sum times with dad any less special or those lunches with mom any less special. Every moment accumulates to form the beautiful life that we have been given and blessed with.

The only distinction lies where there's a flood of Facebook posts, pictures of happy families that mask the real daily stories and rough patches that fill the pages of their book.

I've just gained clarity that the real internal reason I've started this new chapter is not to build something solely for users or for me, it's to build the life that I want to give to the two most important people who have sacrificed so damn much for me to that I can be here in the position that I'm in, right here, right now.

It's to give them what I've always wanted to before it's too late.

It has never been more clear - I'm doing all of this for you both to give you what you couldn't award yourself so that I could have invaluable experiences to propel me that much further.

I've found my why.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wise Words, from a Humble Man

When I first started down this road, it was a new territory.

But what was apparent and clear was that if I stayed true to this course and worked hard, my dreams can and would materialize.

What is important is to always do things the right way for "what is not due to you will not stay with you".

So today, right now, at this very moment, I am happy and mannnn has it been a bit of a while since I felt fulfilled with work and with what I'm doing. (:

Up up and awayyy!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hopes & Aspirations

Act on them.
What drives you?
Greatness is a lot of small things done well.
Day after day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


So very often you get this shit day. A day where your morning starts off pretty good and calm but then things just keep happening one thing after the other and you just want to have the day end so you may start over tomorrow.

Today was one such day.

Dealing with people can be the most frustrating thing. So many factors come into play, it could be your character, theirs, your values, belief system, way of doing things and then there's theirs. 

In these times where the currency is doing poorly; those in power in the federal government level are dim wits, there's almost no light at the end of the tunnel.

How do you deal with people who simply cannot comprehend the importance of punctuality?
How do you deal with people who are unreasonable?

You can't shout. You can scream. There's no point.
So you take it. You take the high road and make a note to get it fixed at the source. 

Now, what happens when it's the source which is cancerous?
And, not something which can be eliminated simply? What then?

So many thoughts go through my mind, not all to be shared with the public. 

If only the world were a little bit more perfect, would that make any difference?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quick Afternoon Thoughts

Do what first makes you happy.
What drives you to be better.
Do this with people who support you.
Who believe in you.
Who guide you.
Who grow into friends.
Pour your heart and soul into all that you do.
Do it wholeheartedly.
Accomplish great things with small steps.
Go into your work with the mindset that this is your own company too.
Go back to the first sentence, understand how and why this would make sense.

Later, take a step back and see all that you've accomplished.
Be happy and persevere on.

Why be anything less than what you can be.
Why short change yourself by not being the best you at any given moment?
Why not strive for the future which is within reach?
If only, if it meant working hard and keeping a level head.

Enjoy it, this journey. I certainly am and am glad to be slowly finding my path. (:

Saturday, September 6, 2014


To write from pain, happiness or lessons learned, moments remain fleeting. 

To reminisce about times of past, etches marks in my heart.

Remembrance; distressing. Life; unwitting, of the aches its causes the soul borne by flesh.

To have memory, a true blessing that be; but too, a source of agony. 

Locked experiences, weaved into history shaped visions tricked by sight. 

How does one delve deep and enjoy the good when they easily trigger a wave of sadness from mistakes made and lessons learned and pain felt repeatedly. 

How does one even begin to 'pen' down emotions that can only be felt. 

A spirit that which transcends the realm of the physical. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The World is Too Small

The World is Too Small to make grave mistakes. Or perhaps these are false thoughts which purpose serves only to entrap one within a specific train of thought, never breaking free and really living.

Why is it that we are often posed with questions that seem much larger than we can handle? Decisions that affect not only us but those around us. Others to consider even though you may have never met them but you know a choice you make could deliberately affect and impact them greatly.

Why why why do we have to ensure pain and within that, confusion?

Of course, the universe has other plans and we are not the centre but sometimes, it seems too daunting a task to make the selfish choice, all in the name of experience, self-edification and non-everlasting youth.

I suppose in the end, in the name of growth, that's all we can do and have to do.

Pain is afterall, temporal but education is forever.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Great Memories

I've always had a special interest regarding the topic of memories. The way we construct our realities purely based on our emotions at that point in time. The sensation that courses through our veins, igniting the flame that brings out whatever that is within us.

Some memories you create by yourself, the centre of your attention on a beautiful landscape. Or maybe even on a journey you've embarked on. Then there are those you create with special people, a special person. Those memories seem to take precedence over those where you're by yourself only because you're able to bring happiness to another human being. Which is really, incredibly, undoubtedly, the best possible feeling in the world - making someone else happy. Seeing the twinkle in their eyes, glistening like the sun's rays touching the sea at Jervis Bay. Those moments where their delight, their exuberance radiates off their smile and touches your soul. Somehow rather memories of that calibre, forever remains etched in your mind and embedded within your soul, your being.

Other times memories are created in groups where a shared spirit is among all. Words, expressions, phrases catch your attention as you try to preserve these fleeting moments. One must question, how much distortion occurs in remembrance?

The topic of memories continuously intrigues me and I can't help but wonder if maybe other people who tend to over analyze are interested too. Memories not only serve to remind us of beautiful and hurtful times but I feel like its purpose is to teach us a lesson.

Having gone through various stages in life and being a different person at each, memories serve as a point of reference where you learn about yourself and correct yourself. It shapes your entire being and moulds you into who you are in hopes that who you become fully utilizes the gift that be memory.

Archived as they may be, Amnesia being the worst foe. Youth and ignorance forming our foundation, we find our spirit whilst walking the path. Uncharted territory, reckless abandon, we live, we learn and realize time is always on our side. So long as, you let things go, retain the vivid memories and soldier on.

It is ultimately all that's left to do. (=