Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quick Afternoon Thoughts

Do what first makes you happy.
What drives you to be better.
Do this with people who support you.
Who believe in you.
Who guide you.
Who grow into friends.
Pour your heart and soul into all that you do.
Do it wholeheartedly.
Accomplish great things with small steps.
Go into your work with the mindset that this is your own company too.
Go back to the first sentence, understand how and why this would make sense.

Later, take a step back and see all that you've accomplished.
Be happy and persevere on.

Why be anything less than what you can be.
Why short change yourself by not being the best you at any given moment?
Why not strive for the future which is within reach?
If only, if it meant working hard and keeping a level head.

Enjoy it, this journey. I certainly am and am glad to be slowly finding my path. (: