Saturday, February 9, 2013

Being the bigger person

This has been on the back of my mind for the past few days. It was an encounter of which I had the misfortune of experiencing firsthand.

You see, when people think that using a condescending tone will get them what they want, they are gravely mistaken.

More so, when their choice of words are that off a 12 year old boys vocabulary.

Merely raising ones voice does nothing but show immaturity, lack of patience and an obvious lack of critical thinking on how best to problem solve.

Attempting to look and by extension, feel, superior may work when you are in a position to degrade others.

That, too being unacceptable behaviour of an evidently unsuitable "leader".

I, however, refuse to stand for such treatment.

When someone does not heed to advice, one that will save the person from not only embarrassment but also a terrible first impression, I suggest that person take the advice.

The fact that there was a need to speak to me as if I lacked the capability of understanding only goes to show how little one listened with the intent of understanding. Instead, one seems to have heard solely for the purpose of responding.

Listen, understand, think, and then react.

Don't react out of haste or impulse just because it "appears" to elevate you into a higher position; it doesn't.

Silly people will always be around us, it is our choice on how we choose to respond and/or react to them.

IF we need to.

Some people do not deserve the time of day.

Others however, should remember, age does not determine maturity nor does it demand instant respect.

Respect is mutual. Is must be given to be received.

Hopefully, there will no longer be such unnecessary encounters in the future.

More for your sake than mine, you have more on the line.

Did you stop to think about that?

Perhaps you should have.

Good Day.

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