Friday, February 28, 2014

Great Memories

I've always had a special interest regarding the topic of memories. The way we construct our realities purely based on our emotions at that point in time. The sensation that courses through our veins, igniting the flame that brings out whatever that is within us.

Some memories you create by yourself, the centre of your attention on a beautiful landscape. Or maybe even on a journey you've embarked on. Then there are those you create with special people, a special person. Those memories seem to take precedence over those where you're by yourself only because you're able to bring happiness to another human being. Which is really, incredibly, undoubtedly, the best possible feeling in the world - making someone else happy. Seeing the twinkle in their eyes, glistening like the sun's rays touching the sea at Jervis Bay. Those moments where their delight, their exuberance radiates off their smile and touches your soul. Somehow rather memories of that calibre, forever remains etched in your mind and embedded within your soul, your being.

Other times memories are created in groups where a shared spirit is among all. Words, expressions, phrases catch your attention as you try to preserve these fleeting moments. One must question, how much distortion occurs in remembrance?

The topic of memories continuously intrigues me and I can't help but wonder if maybe other people who tend to over analyze are interested too. Memories not only serve to remind us of beautiful and hurtful times but I feel like its purpose is to teach us a lesson.

Having gone through various stages in life and being a different person at each, memories serve as a point of reference where you learn about yourself and correct yourself. It shapes your entire being and moulds you into who you are in hopes that who you become fully utilizes the gift that be memory.

Archived as they may be, Amnesia being the worst foe. Youth and ignorance forming our foundation, we find our spirit whilst walking the path. Uncharted territory, reckless abandon, we live, we learn and realize time is always on our side. So long as, you let things go, retain the vivid memories and soldier on.

It is ultimately all that's left to do. (=

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