Wednesday, August 19, 2015


So very often you get this shit day. A day where your morning starts off pretty good and calm but then things just keep happening one thing after the other and you just want to have the day end so you may start over tomorrow.

Today was one such day.

Dealing with people can be the most frustrating thing. So many factors come into play, it could be your character, theirs, your values, belief system, way of doing things and then there's theirs. 

In these times where the currency is doing poorly; those in power in the federal government level are dim wits, there's almost no light at the end of the tunnel.

How do you deal with people who simply cannot comprehend the importance of punctuality?
How do you deal with people who are unreasonable?

You can't shout. You can scream. There's no point.
So you take it. You take the high road and make a note to get it fixed at the source. 

Now, what happens when it's the source which is cancerous?
And, not something which can be eliminated simply? What then?

So many thoughts go through my mind, not all to be shared with the public. 

If only the world were a little bit more perfect, would that make any difference?

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