Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Thoughts they come and go, evaporate and reappear, fly out a window and into the wind then comes an unexpected breeze and the memories come flooding in like tidal waves crashing onto the shore. Life seems to be working in stop motion for me. One moment caught in a flash, happiness spread across my face, another moment and sadness clearly encompasses me, unable to evade. Surroundings darkened, a shade of dark grey, too close to black and true sorrow emits throughout the air of this photograph.

Songs, music, lyrics, tones.. make more sense when emotions are in play. They force you to perceive differently the meaning of a particular track. No longer just the surface but in-depth analyzing and application to ones life situation. It's a terrible fate, having to suffer through this but.. is this suffering not self induced? How then can it be fate?

Is it not personal choice of music that reflects a current mood? A longing for nostalgia. Reminiscence.
Poor choices = poor results; then again, aren't poor choices necessary to be made so one may learn from the mistake?

Encroachment of the mind that has already reached its maximum capacity. What will need to be discarded, if only I knew myself.

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