Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Walk It Off

We do the things we must to get to the places we can be in hopes that it is the same place we need to be. 

Sacrifices must be made.
Sacrifices come with a price.
That price is pain.
We hurt.
But we must endure.

Sometimes I do things out of haste, other times I do things after much thought. Often my decisions stem from these two extremes.

Part of me wishes I knew what the future has installed but the other half hopes that no one will ever come up with a time machine device just because the future is a surprise and presents like that shouldn't be ruined.

Yet. There's a small part within me that wishes to be reassured that everything will eventually work its way out.

Thoughts swim through my mind like fishes in the sea searching for direction away from a predator. If only I could have a better way of expressing this feeling. It's omnipresent and nowhere at the same time.

It's confusion and understanding?

Strength. What does strength even mean?
Is it a physical feature of mankind? It is mental? Spiritual?
All of the above?

Strength is something so many people seek for. Many mistake it for power. It is not.
Some say it's brute force. Perhaps within certain context it could be but what else?
Strength, resilience. The mind. Stoicism?

The entire point of this post is actually coming to terms.

Dealing with emotions, pain, joy, sadness all these want to overwhelm me but I will hold on to my strength, to my will, if in this way they may be one and the same.

I miss you. I keep thinking back to better times. Thoughts course through my brain like never-ending wavelengths of memories.

I must resist. It is the only way. Situate the self within an emporium of positivity.
Personal, individualistic Growth.

That's something worth fighting for.
There are bigger battles in life to fight.. however, it all starts with the self.
And the self shall be on its journey to find first its center and later on who knows?

It's a surprise.

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