Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Many times I turn to retribution as the reason to retaliate, to strike back, to give the person what it is they gave me, an eye for an eye. But then, there's a saying that goes something like, An Eye For An Eye Turns The Whole World Blind.

Now, venting may be one way of release but another way I've found in me is one that requires more strength and patience. People who treat you poorly will get what comes to them, after all, what goes around comes around yes?

Do good and good will come back to you. Karma.

Encountering people who refuse to help, who refuse to be the bigger person allow me to become the bigger person myself. To see and realize that their ways aren't the ways I intend to follow.

The ways I intend to follow are those based on my personal conscience. Those that hopefully will not be influenced by what others do but what I know to be right, in spite of this road being one that may face more hardships and challenges.

Some may say I'm a fool. Why take the hard road when you can just as easily get from Point A to Point B using an easier route, albeit one that may require you to compromise on several personal values.

Well, see, I aspire to one day become someone who is not just known for any reputation but one that is held in respect where others would like to aspire to be, or to become. I'm done sitting in the passengers seat, I'm taking charge and trying not to use excuses as "reasons" for failure or an inability to let go.

As one door closes, another opens. No matter where that door may lead, all I can do to assure myself is by having the knowledge that at least I'll be moving forward. Gone are the days where I will backtrack, maybe delve into the past every now and then, memories can serve well to reinstill happiness for the dark times but other than that, let's go life! I'M READY!

2013! The world won't end, it will merely (with much hope) be the closing of the war chapter and the superpowers dictatorship over Asia whilst a beam of light will come through allowing the path of Enlightenment to be seen, and, to be seen by many. (:

Peace. It's a time for it. Discrimination will still be around but let's hope the world can change. In the end, faith is all we have to keep the world revolving, really.

Personal outlook that is. (=

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