Friday, May 10, 2013


They're everywhere.

I should be writing my essay, reading up on necessary texts, making sure I hand in work that I'd be proud to be graded on but I keep getting sidetracked and I'm sure you do too.

Sometimes I wonder why we let ourselves be locked into this system, these institutions, this process that churns out graduates on an annual basis. What if we were given the freedom to pursue whatever we wanted since the dawn of time and never looked back? Do you think society might be just a little bit better than it is now? Maybe a little bit greater than how we are now?

Emotions, they sneak up on you.

So many feelings and ideas, flashbacks go through my mind on a daily basis. It sometimes stirs up emotions I'd rather not deal with at that moment but it happens hey. What can we do? Meditate? Learn to control them or just allow them to take over knowing you'll somehow come out stronger than before?

It's a mixture. Music, numb feet, tired eyes, weight on our shoulders, yeah.

And Bill Withers - Lean on Me plays on in the background...

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