Sunday, April 21, 2013

Whose rules do we play by?

Ya know how they, whoever the hell "they" are, tell us to be individuals? Yet we consume the same news, wear the same clothes, follow certain trends, talk in specific ways and just go about a routine?

Yet, when we act differently, we're looked upon and seen as an outcast.

Whose rules are we suppose to play by?

If you play the game, Life, solely on your own rules and terms, it's inevitable, you're going to hurt someone or rather, a bunch of people.

Then there's this internal dilemma of, are those people worth it if they cannot respect you and your seemingly different way of life?

OR should you have more compassion and care? Cause caring seems to be a weakness but it's also a saving grace. Don't you think so?

Where is the line? How do we define what constitutes as "the line" anyway?

Too many questions.

By playing the rule of norms are we subjecting ourselves to consented submission.

How does everyone else do this? Live. As in, actually live life according to how you want to live it, not just a daily, weekly routine we adhere to. I feel bionic.

Enclosed. As my mind races.

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