Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day In, Day Out

Morning sunshine crept into my bedroom as the curtains were but a thin layer of cloth. Michael Buble's rendition of Ray Charles' Georgia on My Mind steadily escalated in volume as my ears met with the sweet voice that awoke me from my deep slumber. I turn to face my smartphone (as that's what it seems most people my age do nowadays) and stare at the time. 8:55AM. I think to myself: "That's enough time to allow Michael to finish the song before having to wake up". 9:00AM a new day had began.

It's as if so much goes on in life but yet we capture so little often feeling as if our days are wasted, that we were unproductive. But, perhaps it's simply due to the distractions we have, a smartphone, facebook, twitter, internet, wifi and the likes that keeps us firmly separated from a world full of experiences to be undertaken. People to be met. Conversations to transpire.

10:00AM, class commences. A handful of people leave and another handful enter, some droopy-eyed, others disinterested, some amused and others just blending into their surrounding. Discussion. Views are exchanged.

Class ends and soon another one begins. The day seems to pass by rather quickly, perhaps it was the string of conversations, perhaps it was me running away from a particular 'something' or 'somethings'. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what this feeling was but it definitely was without a single doubt in mind, a mixture of emotions. A blur.

4:00PM The rain. Sheets of water descended upon campus grounds. So often we shield ourselves from this "harmful" blessing from the sky. When did we stop enjoying what is only natural to this earth? And so, I decided to walk in the heavy rain, in spite of the short distance to the waiting car, it felt liberating. It reminded me of better times, holiday times, times of being carefree even if just for a few days. Drenched, soaked, cold but a seemingly strange sense of warmth coursed through my veins.

Uncertain. Fickled. The weather. It plays on moods, as if it had a mind of its own. Maybe it does. So many mysteries of the universe are unsolved, this may very well be one of them. Time now feels a little bit slower, not draggy but just somewhat more uplifting. Fears were faced. Relationships strengthened. That 'something(s)' which I tried to avoid eventually took its toll but ended well. I was glad.

Nightfall arrived. My mind races. Thoughts amplify. A sense of uncertainty brought about a wave of hidden paranoia. Refusal to crumble. Finding a way out. Temporary relief. A transparent ball filled to the brim with questions, endless questions always.

Home. Sanctuary. Conversation. Day, OVERCOMED & CONQUER.

I was, indeed, on my way, to being free.

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