Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When one finally begins to embark on the journey of self teaching it's a refreshing feeling.

It's a strange quest, this.

A life long quest that hopefully will last till my final breathe.

This positivity, this surge in interest in everything and nothing, in an object and a subject.

In objectivity and subjectivity.

Viewing concepts and such from an exterior perspective, it's ravishing.

I can't help but wonder, all these wasted years of narrow-mindedness thinking my mind was "open" enough; how mistaken I was!

Just listening, reading, looking at things, zoning out into space, silence. Gosh silence.

What a change that has brought into life.

Silence in the mind, echoes in the mind, music on the out and in the in.

This state, it's ineffable.

You kind of just want to become a sponge and absorb as much as you can.

Then you think and you realize you no longer care what other people think (well not for trivial things as least) and everything just becomes to crystal clear. It's amazing.

This slow but occurring transformation.

I love this.

The time to truly learn about the self and the universe, the world, the good, the bad, how they're all entangled but how there's beauty. Beauty is subjective. Beauty which is aesthetic in nature only if it is pure.

Only if it is free, only if there's no sort of higher end to it. Just beauty as its purest.

Rambling on and on but who cares right, it's my blog, traffic is basically zilch what with the lack of updates but again, who cares :D




Oh life. Thank you.

The silver lining is beginning to show and I don't regret the past one bit.

Take decisions in stride and make the most out of the present so the future can shine as brightly as it so wishes.

So that the future can illuminate the world, my world, and give the self a sense of satisfaction that only comes perennial learning and education! 

Splendid this night.

No pondering on the sleepless nights if there are, on the questions that will plague the mind, all this traffic in the mind, so welcomed. Perhaps I don't know what I'm getting myself into, delving into the unknown, into the sea of Why and How but that's the best part, not knowing what you may find and knowing that whatever is found only adds to the experience, to the journey.

I may be stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea but I wouldn't have it any other way! For once, I'm happy. Truly happy to the core.

Oh why am I writing this. Haha. Thoughts. (: (: (:

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