Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's a little strange feeling, this. This what? This feeling.

Freedom. Free from a cage.

But the cage wasn't all too bad. It definitely without a single doubt in mind had its good days.

Opening up a blog and reading about food, it makes me feel nostalgic with this cage of mine.

It reminds me of happier times, fun times, times of less sadness and times of love.

It's unfortunate that the cage unhinged in such a way, I hope it can be repaired in due time therefore, only time will tell.

Will the cage rust? Will it remain shiny and clean? Will it grow moss and mold or will its doors one days again be mended and free to open and close under understood terms?

The circumstance will change but what transpired within that cage will forever be embedded in memory.

The birds in that cage were once one and now two. But that doesn't stop one from missing the other or pondering on the thought of how and or what the other might be doing at this very moment.


They are beautiful and majestic creatures, they are.

If only migration didn't just occur over a season or when disaster stroke.

Maybe these birds could've been.


But in the end, as the chapter closes with a blank page waiting to be filled when the time is right, maybe both birds can live together again, in the same space, at the same time, in the same sphere we know to be called the universe.

Birds of different colors, friendship, the color yellow.

Oh how the windchimes sprout a melody with the spontaneous but welcomed breeze.

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